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 Autumn 2005 Report

Could it be those arrows of God were unleashed in Washington D.C. against the idols of our nation? I also wonder if the hurricanes, the floods in our country this fall are a manifestation of God’s judgment for our unbelief as a people and for our lukewarm faith? 

patek philippe replica

Will we awake from our stupor? From worshipping Baal of the stock market? The Greek gods of the sports arenas? The whore of Hollywood’s gross entertainment? Can we see the invisible spiritual war that rages in our midst? For the complete report click here!


America Becoming Fertile 
Mission Field for Buddhism 
Buddhism–the religion of renunciation and “the middle way“–is self-confident and robust in an America increasingly looking for “enlightenment” and intrigued by the enigmatic smile of the Buddha… For the complete article click here!

Who is my Neighbor? 
In an increasingly pluralistic society, the Christian community is often at a disadvantage in knowing how to communicate the gospel with their Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, or New Age co-workers, let alone the numerous cults knocking at doors in their neighborhood. Be equipped to meet your neighbor…Click here for more info!

The Remarkable Stories of Historic Missionaries in the Buddhist World…Visit our missionary pages to learn about their lives, missions and dedication… 

You will be inspired and transformed through their stories.

Who We Are & What We Do…
For fourteen years (1970-1984), James Stephens (our Director) was a devout member of the Japanese Buddhist sect in America known as Nichiren Shoshu Academy, aka Soka Gakkai. He converted about fifty four people into Buddhism and was a graduate of their Study Academy.

In 1981, after an accident in the midst of a Buddhist pilgrimage to Japan, Jim began to have serious doubts about his Buddhist faith. What followed was a three year quest for the truth, which lead him through a tour of New Age and Hindu practices, astrology and Christianity… For the complete story click here!

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