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The First Foreign Missionary From America

Born in Malden, Massachusetts, his father was a pastor attended  Brown University and became an atheist Conversion experience after the death of his atheist mentor. Entered Andover Theological College where he became a Christian. Received a call to the Far East.

Because there was not a mission board in America, Judson traveled to England seeking a board that would send him. He was taken prisoner by the French during the war, escaped to England and was sent back to the U.S. where he was sent out under the first Foreign Mission Board established.He married and left for India two weeks later. Arriving in India, the British were at war with America and he went to a country not under British control, Burma. After six years, the first Burmese convert was baptized. Britain and Burma were at war, and Judson was imprisoned by the Burmese for almost two years before being liberated by the British. He was instrumental in the peace negotiations. During that time both his wife and father died. After prayer and mournful contemplation, he married again to a missionary widow. In 1840, after 23 years he completed the Burmese Bible. Because of his second wife’s death and poor health, he returned to the U.S. after 34 years. He married again, returned to Burma and in 1849 completed the Burmese-English Dictionary still used today.

A Brief Timeline of Adoniram Judson

1788Born in Malden Mass. Father a pastor
1804-1808 Entered Brown & Andover for training
1809-1811Missionary call, France, England, U.S. Marriage
1812The mission field-War reverted to Burma 
1819First Burmese Covert
1824-1826British war with Burma, Judson jailed, peace, wife died
1834Married a missionaries’ widow, very happy 
1844Completed Burmese Bible after 23 years 
1845-1846Returned to U.S., wife died Married third wife, returned

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